Add Finesse to your Summer!

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Whether you’re spending your time outdoors, exploring across the country, or having a peaceful staycation, everyone can agree that summer is a wonderful time to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

Here are our suggestions for how you can add a little “finesse” to your summer!


For road trips…

Car Scenter Plug In

Complete with foam pads, just add a couple of drops of your favourite Finesse Essential Oil to the Plugin, your car will instantly smell pure and fresh.


For hikes, sports, walks...

Healing Foot Balm

Dry, cracked sore heels and feet? Try our intensive Healing Foot Balm will instantly moisturise and nourish cracked skin. The incredibly rich moisturising power of pure beeswax combined with Shea Butter will relieve dry skin conditions and continue to work long after the balm has been applied.


Foot Refresh Spray

Our powerful Foot Refresh Spray contains pure essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint. Lavender is incredibly soothing on the skin and is perfect for sore dry skin. The Peppermint Oil gives an instant cooling sensation and helps reduce the feelings of aches and pains.


For camping in the woods…

Outback Spray

Our Outback Outdoor Spray uses Aloe Vera and pure essential oils to refresh and moisturise when conditions are dry. Use when pursuing outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping


For lazy evenings sitting on the deck…


Our Crystals add the right atmosphere to any social gathering, or if you’re just having a quiet night in. Crystals are effective in all types of candle diffusers and electric diffusers - use on the lid instead of oils or wax tarts.



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