Slow Feeder Pet Supplies

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Lovers. Helping you take care of your furry friends! Specialize in BPA free, Food Grade Silicone slow feeding mats. Helps pets with anxiety and boredom. Slow tooth design, easy to clean. Chemical free dish soaps, Kennel sprays, Plush chew toys. Spoil your friend!

Slow Feeder Lick Mat

These unique Slow Feeder lick mats are suitable for Dogs + Cats and come with a spatula for easy application.

Spread your pets favorite soft treat over the surface of your Slow Feeder lick mat. Slows down feeding time, Reduces Anxiety and Boredom.

Suction cup power on back - sticks to many surfaces keeping your pets entertained while eating or bathing. Recommended by vets and animal behaviouralists worldwide.

Freezer friendly, Dishwasher Safe.


21 cm small size plastic silicone spatula. Different colour options

Kennel Spray

This kennel bed spray is designed to keep your pup's bed area smelling fresh and clean. It's made with natural ingredients and is perfect for use in kennels, crates, or any other area where your pooch spends time. It's safe for use around pets, and it's easy to apply with a simple spray. It's also effective in eliminating odors and can help to keep your pup's bed area smelling pleasant and inviting.

Included in Trio - Lavish Ginger (Lavender + Ginger) 120ml - Blooming Lavender (Lavender) 120ml - Rosemary Revival (Rosemary) 120ml.

Made with Pure essential oils - pet friendly

Dish Soap

Introducing our all-natural, gentle dish soap for Dogs + Cats. This wonderful dish soap is specially formulated to be safe and effective for all your pets dishes. This mild formula is free from harsh chemicals and dyes and designed to be effective against bacteria, dirt, and odors. Keep your pets dishes clean and safe with slow feeder pets bowl + mat dish soap.