Kool Woman Collection

The Kool Woman Collection uses a natural blend of pure essential oils designed to help give relief to Hot Flashes and night sweats. Research has suggested that the presence of volatile oil in Sage is largely responsible for most of its therapeutic properties, especially its antiseptic, astringent and relaxing actions. Sage has a strong anti-hydrotic action and has been a traditional treatment for night sweats. The addition of peppermint and menthol gives a cooling sensation to the skin and helps give a much-welcomed relief to Hot Flashes.
For added benefit use a cooling towel sold with a 2oz spray , simply wet the ice towel with cold water, rinse out and place around the neck or head, designed to rapidly cool the skin with slow release of the cooling water that can last for 4 hrs.
For added benefit add a few sprays of your Kool Woman Mist