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New graduates—whether they are headed to university for the first time or about to enter the workforce, could always use an extra finesse in their life!

Here are our top picks for the graduate in your life! 


Car Scenter Plugin

Simple is best with our Auto Scent Plugin! Complete with foam pads, just add a couple of drops of your favourite Finesse Essential Oil to the Plugin, your car will instantly smell pure and fresh. Might we suggest Energise? Its citrusy aroma will brighten any mood!


Essential Oil Combination Blend Pack

This pack includes some of the basic blends that will help in everyday life. Whether your graduate is studying hard or taking a break, there’s a blend for every mood!

Our combination pack includes the following blends...

Energize / Focus / Immunity / Sphiera / Relax


Sphiera Diffuser

Using cool vapour technology, the Sphiera Diffuser adds much needed humidity and a pleasant aroma to that dry dorm room! It operates between 10-18 hours and is designed to switch off automatically when water level runs low. Just add water back up to fill line to re-start! Every diffuser comes with a 10ml bottle of Sphiera oil.

During this month, all orders over $100 will receive a free 10ml Lavender essential oil!

Offer Ends June 30, 2017




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